Bani-Adam – Anti-Discrimination

August 13, 2020

Arseh Sevom Introduces Project Bani Adam

Nothing is more central to Iranian culture than our poetry and the way we tell our stories to each other. We weave stories into carpets, recite poems at dinner, and tell fortunes from Hafez. We blog, write, and whisper to each other. Our music is rich and layered, marrying 700 year old poetry to modern music. Our history is one of many voices, styles, and ideas in conversation with each other over the centuries.
September 10, 2019

Sahar Khodayari, Iran’s Blue Girl Dies

Sahar Khodayari became known as the blue girl for painting her face blue to support her favorite Iranian football team. When she was told she may face a prison sentence from six months to two years for daring to attend a soccer game, she set herself on fire.
November 14, 2018

We strongly condemn the execution of a group of Arab citizens in Iran

The situation of religious, ethnic and gender minorities in Iran has been worsening in recent months. It appears that the regime intends to severely punish dissenting voices. This comes as the Islamic Republic weakens inside the country and external pressure increases.
July 31, 2018

Hold firm to the values of human rights without forgetting those caught up in conflict they cannot control

We urge all activists and organizations with a focus on Iran to take the time to understand the impact of the US political posturing and the Iranian government’s response on the actual people inside of the county and from the perspective of Iran’s history and current climate. Our era is one that requires great strength in resisting authoritarian ideas that come couched in the language of freedom, security, and democracy. This is a time to hold firm to the values of human rights without forgetting the people who are caught up in a political conflict that they cannot control.