Women’s Rights

September 18, 2023

Iran’s Year of Defiance and Repression: How One Woman’s Death Sparked a Nationwide Uprising

Arseh Sevom joined Femena and 45 other organizations in making recommendations for the international community when it comes to dealing with Iran. This statement is an important reminder of the importance of women's rights, the participation of ethnic minorities, and the particular forms of oppression and persecution faced as a result. "We will not forget Mahsa Jina Amini, nor the thousands of Iranians who have sacrificed their lives or freedom for a better future. We will continue to monitor the situation in Iran and to amplify the voices of those who seek change."
November 22, 2011

A letter from an Arab woman to her Iranian friend

In this text given as a speech at The twenty second international conference of the Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF), Amal Hamidallah-van Hees addresses the fears and hopes of Arab and Islamic women watching the changes in their region. "We are watching with our eyes wide open," she writes, noting that many lessons were learned by the revolution in Iran. She urges women to engage with politics and Islam. "We will claim our space, even the religious one."