Annual Reports

When we founded Arseh Sevom, we made a promise to ourselves and to our stakeholders that we would strive for transparency as long as it did not interfere with the security of people working with us. This promise obliges us to publish our annual reports and audited financial statements. It means that we reveal our struggles as well as our successes. And we have struggled. And we have had successes. If you like what we do, consider donating. It means a lot to us, and we've made it easy. Support our work:

Arseh Sevom Reports

In the course of our work, we collect a lot of information and share many reports. From time to time, we make those reports available in English. Most of our work, however, is published in Persian. Our report on the attack on civil society, for instance, provides a coherent and detailed analysis of the historical events that led to the suppression of civil society in Iran and the state response to the 2009 protests known as the Green Wave. Other reports look at parliamentary actions, the Cyrus Cylinder, and elections in Iran.

Civil Society Zine

Arseh Sevom published two civil society zines. These are like time capsules that capture the era when more and more online tools were finding their way into our daily lives. Activism, revolution, change, upheaval...The articles seem to grow more useful with each passing year, as if we need to be reminded of that moment just before smart phones and the dominance of Facebook. Issue 1 was The Networking Issue. Issue 2: What's Next.. Read them and enjoy.